Dataverse Advisory Team

The Dataverse Advisory team provides advice on technical directions and good practices to the Dataverse team at IQSS, Harvard University. Members of the Advisory team are external to IQSS, and should manage a Dataverse installation and/or be active users and participants in the Dataverse community.

Charges: The Dataverse Advisory team advises the Dataverse team at IQSS, which includes PI Gary King, Project Lead Mercè Crosas and members of the Data Science team at IQSS (, on all significant general areas involving the Dataverse software application, with a focus on technical advice.

The Advisory Team participates in, and if possible contributes to the organization of, an annual Dataverse Community meeting. The first Community meeting is planned for June 9-11, 2015 hosted by IQSS (organized mainly by Mercè Crosas, Elizabeth Quigley and Eleni Castro).

Members are invited to be part of the Advisory team for one year, with the possibility of extension.

Initial Goal: The focus during the first year (2014-2015) is to create the initial Dataverse Community Groups and provide advice on the areas represented by these groups.